Laboratoire Informatique de l'Université de Pau et des Pays de l'Adour

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Equipe T2I

T2I : Thematic, temporal and spatial Information processing dedicated to user and context Interaction adaptation


Person in charge

Pr. Thierry NODENOT
I.U.T. de Bayonne / Pays Basque
2, Allée du Parc de Montaury Campus Montaury/Anglet
64200 Anglet

Téléphone: 05 59 57 43 04 - Fax 05 59 57 43 08



  • Models and environments dedicated to the extraction and the indexation of geographical informations coming from documentary corpus.
    •  Electronic documents engineering: RDF, OWL, X-Schema
    •  Contents semantics for spatial and temporal information extraction and indexing
    •  Information retrieval combining spatial, temporal and thematic criteria. Results representation on a cartographic web interface

  • Architecture for handling spatiotemporal data flows from or to mobile devices.
    •  Software architecture and platforms for ambient intelligent systems
    •  Data management and resources control in wireless sensor networks with context-aware and mobility concerns
    •  Data flows management in grid systems, transport protocols optimization for high-speed networks and interactive real-time traffic
    •  Design methods for pervasive applications

  • Models and tools for designing and programming interactions exploiting the semantics embedded in spatio-temporal contents.
    •  Computer-Supported Learning Systems Engineering
    •  End-user Centered Design: End-user modeling, DSL
    •  Visual modelling environments (Mashups)


Team members

Permanent staff (14)


 Associate staff (4)