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MOVIESModeling, Visualization, Execution and Simulation

Software engineering and distributed systems

  • Modeling, verification, validation, implementation and adaptation of systems: UML, SysML, Java, C++, Eclipse, etc.
  • Modeling of complex systems: multi-agent systems, High Level Architectures (HLA).
  • Design and deployment of agent-based solutions, components, services and software clouds: SOA, EJB, cloud computing, mobile and wireless embedded software systems.
  • Security of distributed systems: security policies/regulations, safe information systems, intrusion detection systems, secure avionics.


3D modeling, simulation and geometric visualization

  • 2D and 3D grids.
  • Modeling.
  • Crowd simulation and animation.
  • Flow visualization.
  • Real-time visualization (GPU programming), GPGPU, ParaView/VTK, OpenGL, GLSL.