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T2IProcessing spatiotemporal and thematic information to adapt interaction to context and to users

 Models/platforms for extracting and indexing spatiotemporal information

  • Engineering of electronic documents: RDF, OWL, X-Schema.
  • Semantic content for extraction and indexing of spatiotemporal information.
  • Search for information combining space, time and thematic criteria and representation of this information via a webmapping interface.


Architectures supporting spatiotemporal flow exchanges to or from constrained mobile peripheral devices

  • Software architecture and platform for ambient intelligence systems.
  • Data management and resource control in wireless sensor networks depending on the application context and mobility.
  • Managing data flow in computational grids, optimization of interactive real-time transport protocols for broadband and traffic.
  • Design methods for pervasive applications.


Models and tools for operationalizing interactions with users based on spatiotemporal semantic content

  • Engineering of IT environments for human learning.
  • User-centered design: end-user modeling, DSL.
  • Visual modeling environments (mashups).