Call for papers The Intelligent Internet of Things and Applications (AIOT 2021)

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Call for papers The Intelligent Internet of Things and Applications (AIOT 2021)

Call for Papers 

The Intelligent Internet of Things and Applications “AIOT 2021” from the International Semantic Intelligence Conference (ISIC 2021) ( will take place on 25-27 February,2021 in New Delhi, India. This Special Issue aims to demonstrate the indispensable role of business data and methodological know-how in helping decision-making and how to use and exploit the prior knowledge to enhance data analytic for autonomous decision-making. We hence encourage original paper submissions, which have not been published or submitted for publication elsewhere, from both academia and industry presenting novel research addressing the aforementioned challenges. 

Aim and scope 

Artificial Intelligence & Internet of Things (IoT) are the latest trending technology making society-changing in many fields especially in industries like Manufacturing, Automation, Healthcare, Energy, Transport, Defence, Space, Data Mining, Elder Care etc. AI & IoT, are opening a wide set of new opportunities, both for novel services/applications and increased efficiency/scalability. These opportunities include locally sharing information, collaborating, generating/consuming a huge amount of data and learning from a massive amount of data in real time to quickly identify newly emerging unknown patterns. Indeed, distributed big data analytics, modern Machine Learning (ML) technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI), real-time data collection and processing, scalable and distributed security solutions such as blockchain, and distributed secure data processing, may play a significant role. However, successful decision-making needs to combine the best qualities of both human and digital knowledge. To do so, it is capital to structure any type of relevant and reliable knowledge and incorporate it as part of decision analytics Indeed, there is an increasing recognition of utilizing knowledge whenever available or can be created purposefully. This includes contextual and organizational information that analytics by itself does not provide. 

Special session topics 

We are seeking both conceptual and empirical papers offering new insights and contribution to the development of data analytic algorithms and systems for autonomous decision-making, which focus on the following topics (but are not limited to) which demonstrate the role of exploiting the knowledge to enhance data analytics:

• Enhancing the capability in handling uncertainty;

• Enhancing transparency, interpretability and explainability;

• Reducing the complexity of model architecture in time and space;

• Enhancing the capability to avoid social discrimination and unfair treatment;

• Enhancing automated decision making capability and performance;

• Enhancing reliability and integrity of data analytics.

Session Proceedings

Session proceedings will be published by Springer.

Important dates:

- Paper Submission Deadline: Aug 10, 2020

- Paper Notification: Sep 20, 2020

- Submission of camera ready format: Sep 30, 2020


Richard Chbeir, LIUPPA Laboratory, University Pau & Pays de l'Adour (France)

Salma Sassi, VPNC Laboratoty, University of Jendouba (Tunisie)