Cross-border projects

Cross-border projects

T2I team

ROSCORare Ocean Species Collector project

  • 2012-2013
  • Led by: Richard Chbeir.
  • Partners: Laboratories of the MIRA federation, the University of the Basque Country (UPV), the Ifremer and the AZTI.
  • Funding: €3,000.

The aim of this project is to kick start a series of studies between the partner laboratories on the subject of acquiring and handling data related to the capture of rare ocean species.


Aquitaine-Aragon OMNIDATA project

  • 2010-2013
  • Led by: CongDuc Pham.
  • Partners: the companies 2Moro and I3A, the University of Saragossa.
  • Funding: €25,916.

The objective of this project is to propose tools and methods for handling and processing big data. The aim is to incorporate certain advanced techniques into tools and methods accessible to non-specialists, particularly by using languages and visual methods that hide the complexity of the mechanisms for collecting, structuring and processing the large volumes of data that transit across the Internet. The OMNIDATA project intends to make full use of promising technologies such as cloud computing in which the allocation of computational resources is dynamic and more flexible than in the grid technology.


IWAAT project - Web interfaces of interactive applications for regional stakeholders

  • 2009-2011
  • Coordinator: Philippe Lopisteguy.
  • Partners:
    • Nov@ldi
    • Departmental committee of tourism of the Béarn & Basque Country
    • Bayonne educational software library
    • MiraKonta
    • Viajes Donosti, GHyM of the UPV
  • Funding: €24,000.

The objective is to offer the stakeholders of a region reusable web resources that they can draw on to communicate about an activity rooted in this region. The media proposed for organizing communication between the different stakeholders include texts, maps and mobile devices such as Smartphones, PDAs and GPS.