The purpose of the research video station is to observe and study the physical processes that control coastal dynamics in a man-made environment subject to wave action and under the influence of a river mouth. The station is composed of a system with several cameras installed 60 m off the ground at the top of the Biarritz lighthouse. The cameras are operated using the open-source software SIRENA which compiles different types of images and transfers them via the Internet to the SIAME laboratory in Anglet.

This non-intrusive measurement system can be used to study:

  • How beaches respond to a storm event.
  • How protective structures respond to a storm event.
  • The influence of protective structures on hydrodynamics.
  • The spatiotemporal evolution of a river plume.
  • The development of bathymetric and topographical models.
  • Tests and validation of numerical models.


  • The SIAME laboratory would like to thank the DIRM SA / DSCM / Bayonne subdivision for lighthouses and beacons for granting it access to the Biarritz lighthouse.
  • The project received financial support from the Spain-France-Andorra territorial cooperation program POCTEFA as part of the Pre2Pla project.

Denis Morichon & Philippe Arnould


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