LIUPPAThe Computer Science research laboratory of the University of Pau and Adour countries (UPPA)

The LIUPPA is the UPPA computer science research laboratory. It addresses digital sciences in the broadest sense. Its research project focuses on the requirements and issues of a digital society in which the Internet (Internet of Things, social networks, etc.) and networks as a whole are increasingly impacting our daily activities. This affects IT systems, which are complex due to:

  • Heterogeneous, multimedia and highly decentralized (cloud) data (in larger and larger volumes).
  • Distributed and outsourced data processing.
  • Different users (machines, humans) whose profiles and requirements differ and evolve.

In this context, even the interactions with and among these users need to be redefined to achieve better communication and more efficient cooperation.


The solutions put forward by the LIUPPA fall within the scope of two complementary areas:

  • Information sciences and technologies based on information, knowledge and web data processing (data, documents, etc.).
  • Software engineering centered on model, service and software architecture engineering.

This includes cross-functional issues related to security, image/signal processing and visualization, distributed systems, interaction and adaptation. The figure below summarizes this work.

 The LIUPPA is organized into two teams:

  • MOVIES, focused on software engineering and modeling, security, and visualization.
  • T2I, focused on information processing and interactions based on different types of competencies (Geographic Information Systems, software architectures, sensor networks, images).